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SAP Engineering Control Center

SAP Engineering Control Center helps you integrate data from leading authoring tools into a single version of the truth.

As product diversity and complexity grow, manufacturers are producing individual products that combine hardware, electronics, and software using data stored in multiple authoring tools. With the SAP Engineering Control Center integration tool, design and engineering teams can combine these diverse data sources into one holistic overview of product data to do their jobs faster.

Fulfilling your product management vision

Today’s best-run manufacturers often coordinate diverse engineering teams and balance multiple sets of requirements for complex products. With the SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) application, they can optimize all product-related processes from ideation and design to manufacturing and service. Now they can also integrate leading authoring tools with SAP PLM and create a single source of unified and consistent product data using the SAP Engineering Control Center integration tool.
SAP’s Strategy for Integrating All Product Data

A good contact to engineering: SAP Engineering Control Center interface to NX

As a gold partner of SAP, DSC integrates the Siemens NX engineering system directly in the SAP-supported PLM process – without a third-party system. This enables processes to be automated and all NX data to be managed centrally and consistently. The highlight: NX users remain in their familiar CAD/CAM/CAE environment and can use the SAP functions they want directly, for example to link NX models to SAP objects…

To each his own: SAP PLM add-on solutions

Use add-on solutions to extend ECTR according to your requirements, regardless of whether you want to integrate authoring systems, e-mail or SAP programs. Or whether you need special functions such as the cloning of assemblies and the automatic transmission of item numbers from bills of materials to assembly drawings. The options are as numerous as the customer requirements. And out of all this, DSC makes standard modules. So everyone gets what they need, and everyone gets something out of it…

Immediate results: SAP PLM infrastructure

From the migration of your data to SAP PLM up to data synchronization between clients, connected programs and SAP system: with the infrastructure solutions for SAP PLM, it’s quite simply faster – even in day-to-day business. Large data volumes? Remote locations? DSC has the answers, whether it’s intelligent download management or sophisticated transmission technology. And that’s not all…

On familiar terms with SAP PLM: Engineering Control Center – ECTR

PLM integration is easier than you think – thanks to ECTR. It not only gives you an integration platform for integrating very different applications. ECTR also offers an intuitive user interface with familiar looks and operating elements. Thanks to its direct access to SAP functions and connected programs, you can keep your usual working methods and profit from SAP PLM at the same time…

Production without detours: Factory Control Center – FCTR

Build bridges, close gaps: that’s the motto of FCTR. As a connecting link between development and production, it brings production planning on board including tool management and CAM and DNC connection. The advantage: controlled information flows, continuous process chains, and automated procedures – right across the board. In this way, DSC not only makes yet another PLM contribution but primarily fulfills many customers’ wishes…

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