Hilti: Construction and Engineering Giant Reaps a Host of Benefits by Implementing SAP® PLM

Taking pride in a highly innovative approach

As a forward-looking company, Hilti relies on an extensive, up-to-date IT architecture based on the latest technology standards. For over 20 years, this has included software from SAP. In 2 000 the company opted to roll out SAP solutions across the entire enterprise as a single client. As part of this initiative, Hilti introduced functionality from SAP for customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, business intelligence, and many other critical areas. “SAP solutions support all our business processes and help us remain flexible and agile,” explains Dr. Ralf Diekmann, head of PLM of corporate IT at Hilti. “Standardized IT means we can respond faster to changes and roll out functionality to multiple sites much more quickly. Many of our innovative sales models would not have been possible without SAP software.”

However, product data management at the company was still based on a legacy application. Hilti operated a homegrown product data management (PDM) solution at seven international production and development sites. “Although this was a stable system that had served us well, we were starting to notice more and more drawbacks. It was struggling to keep up with the latest technology developments, and integration with new solutions would often prove tricky,” recalls Diekmann. “To move with the times and boost efficiency, we decided to replace it with a standardized solution.” 

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Link to SAP Product Lifecycle Management Compendium

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