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06 Jul 2020


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Webinar SAP ECTR Intelligent Enterprise

Season 1 | From Sales to Engineering

Take the Opportunity for the Digital Transformation with SAP Product Lifecycle Management und SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR!

In our new webcast series The Intelligent Enterprise – Design to Operate, experience how to create the basis for integrated processes from Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing to Operations, and Services with SAP PLM and SAP ECTR and thus, to ensure a consistent use of product data in SAP.

In this webcast series, we will guide you through the Design to Operate process in a detailed end-to-end scenario. Thereby, we will not only highlight the advantages of the Intelligent Enterprise, but also of All Data in ONE System, namely SAP.

At the same time, the webcast series will not be missing out on the entertainment factor, as the main character guiding through the episodes is MAX, the stuntman. He is a madly sympathetic guy who loves speed and desperately needs a spare part for his racer. The fictional company Race AG takes up this challenge – from Design to Operate.

Part 1 | From Sales to Engineering | The Story

Experience how the Product Development Process is digitally supported within our scenario From Sales to Engineering relying on the consistent use of product data.

Part 2 | Managing Technical Documents with SAP ECTR | Feature Highlight Scenario

Large quantities of data and documents are created within the Product Development Process. Without a suitable document management system, their organization and management consumes a lot of time. To efficiently store and manage these documents, a powerful management system is essential so that no document is lost or needs to be searched for tediously.

Part 3 | Project Management for Engineering Using SAP ECTR | Feature Highlight Scenario

Managing development projects challenges all stakeholders – in particular in the fields of communication and synchronization. With ++projectSystem, project information, such as tasks, budgets, or milestones, can be used directly within the SAP ECTR user interface. Thus, e.g. worklists can be created, and employees can edit their assigned tasks and enter the corresponding working hours.

Part 4 | Your Engineering Data in SAP ECTR – Handling Large Assemblies | Feature Highlight Scenario

Large CAD assemblies consist of numerous components, often with complex parts. In order to work with them efficiently, carefully attuned techniques are necessary, as the handling of large assemblies significantly affects the designers’ productivity. We will present the possibilities and techniques for loading and editing large assemblies provided within SAP ECTR interface to NX and SAP, so that you are able to make the most of our software.

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