Greater productivity thanks to integrated solution and continuous processes

A leading international manufafcturer of automation and manufacturing systems wanted to improve the links between engineering and logistics – by using a common change process. For this purpose, in 2013 he introduced a full integrated PLM solution with a new process model, first in Switzerland and then in Germany. The main aims:

  • Improved process control
  • Efficient and secure procedures
  • All-round greater productivity
Away from fatal system discontinuity

Product development used to be controlled by NX 4 and Teamcenter Express (TCE) as IT and PLM systems with local on-site databases. For the logistics, the CAD data was transferred via an interface to the SAP system. A constellation with wide-reaching consequences:

  • Inconsistent material master and bills of material
  • Complicated mapping of material properties in the logistics
  • Suboptimal change service and unreliable release processes
  • Low user acceptance for the heterogeneous system landscape
  • Extremely high level of unproductive system usage time
Towards a harmonized overall system

It soon became clear: an SAP-integrated solution was the only answer. The SAP system was already in use, plus SAP PLM and Engineering Control Center. This made it possible to integrate engineering seamlessly in the SAP system. Data and process management could also be optimized with the support of PLM. The ECTR extra bonus for users: an intuitive SAP cockpit.

Fully updated processes

The new engineering and change processes were designed in close collaboration. The customer did the SAP programming. DSC implemented the necessary plausibility checks, consistency checks, control mechanisms and derivation automatisms – so that the processes could be systematically controlled and secured.

Beyond the standard

The customer wanted document-based instead of material-based processes. So all workflows and functions that are normally implemented according to the material had to be oriented to the document; the material had to be derived automatically. No sooner said than done – thanks to the appropriate DSC know-how: from process consultation to implementation.

Perfect cooperation

Since the successful rollout of the new solution, engineering and logistic staff have been using a common change process: including material production and engineering-change management as well as the SAP system as a central data source. The most important benefits for the customer:

  • Company-wide consistent and permanently updated data
  • Time-saving automatisms, e.g. for deriving bills of materials
  • Greater parts reuse and successful duplicate prevention
  • More transparency, less effort, and minimized error sources
  • Smooth cooperation between design and logistics teams
Sucess in black and white

Only 8 months following the rollout, a before/after comparison was made on the basis of defined key figures. The results exceeded all expectations:

  • Striking reduction of unproductive system usage time by over 90%
  • More than 50% less time used for opening/visualizing NX documents
  • Much higher productivity (number of new material masters, document versions, etc.)

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