SAP-Integration of Mentor Graphics PADS

The portfolio of the world's largest pump producer includes many products that closely combine mechanical and electronic systems. This makes the location-independent availability of up-to-date and accurate BOMs twice as important in order to reduce effort in terms of coordinating and to prevent production errors. Thus, the producer wanted to optimize its BOM management and to integrate the ECAD software PADS into the SAP system – as they already did with other design tools:

  • CATIA: integrated via an individual solution
  • Solid Edge: integrated with ECTR of DSC
  • EPLAN: integriert mit ECTR von DSC


Falling back on proven technologies

The integration platform ECTR already has a history of successful use. So what seemed more appropriate than to utilize it for the PADS integration?! Using Integrate (a PADS-specific third-party-interface), the ECAD software was connected to ECTR and then integrated via ECTR to the SAP system.

Specific project objective: an automatic BOM upload

There was a continuous need for up-to-date and company-wide available material BOMs. Therefore, any creation or change of schematic diagrams in PADS was supposed to be followed by a BOM upload to the SAP system. This was implemented by a comparison dialog that could be started directly in PADS. The BOM content of both systems was compared automatically and then the BOM delta was uploaded to the SAP system.

And it has all been achieved in record time

The upload was supposed to go as fast as possible. The velocity measurements revealed that it was a success. For 1 circuit board with 4 surface-mount assemblies (SMA), 6 wired assemblies and 1,544 components, the upload time was about 3 minutes.

upload time
Not least thanks to DSC

Of course, such a solution does not develop by itself. Particularly, if there are several requirements, as in this case: BOM uploads were supposed to appear in the change history, a particular format was required for the BOM sorting, reference names were supposed to appear as subpositions etc. Thnaks to the necessary know-how and decade-long experience, DSC perfectly managed to implement all requirements.

The result is impressive

With the PADS integration and the SAP system as a "single source of truth", the efficiency across the PEP has increased. Also because BOMs and SAP master data such as material numbers, material descriptions and material classifications are now managed in the same system, and indeed logically. The achieved major benefits are:

  • Reduced administrative effort – more productive time
  • Faster processes – high cost savings
  • More reliable BOMs – fewer production errors

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