OTTO FUCHS is a global leader in the non-ferrous metal industry, with headquarters in Meinerzhagen and subsidiaries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. The consortium produces metallurgically sophisticated semi-finished and finished goods for the automotive industry, machine and plant engineering, aero-space and the construction industry. As a supplier, OTTO FUCHS is particularly subject to the constantly growing requirements placed on product manufacturers: not just regarding quality and documentation but mainly in the area of  development and delivery times or costs. For this reason, the metal specialist has recently begun to optimize his product creation process with SAP support. What has already been achieved and what comes next is described here by Jörg Ihne, manager of product and technology development of the OTTO FUCHS group.

Brilliant opening  in engineering

Our design data (NX and CATIA) used to be stored on network drives. That led to great data redundancies and management effort as well as a multitude of circulating release statuses of unclear actuality. This was further complicated by a customer-related data exchange process with many manual work steps without any kind of checking routines. In short: the product data management procedures were time-consuming and error-prone. So we thought that a SAP-integrated solution would provide relief. Our concrete aims:


  • Integrating CAD tools and design pro-cesses in our SAP ERP/PLM system 
  • Managing all product data centrally and with company-wide consistency (single source of truth)
  • Linking CAD documents with data of other areas such as order logistics or procurement
  • Creating a solid basis for consistent processes – from development to production
  • Raising efficiency, transparency and process security along the added-value chain


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