Integrating MCAD systems seamlessly in SAP PLM

Overtaking your rivals means you have to be faster than the others. All the more important: efficient and secure progress – most of all in engineering. Integration makes it possible. So it’s good that all current MCAD systems can be integrated in SAP PLM using our solutions. Then you can manage models and drawings from the mechanical design centrally in the SAP system: uniformly structured, logically interlinked, and redundancy-free. Add to that automatic versioning and system-supported change management. Plus needs-oriented classification, which for example simplifies the finding and reuse of parts. Or an intuitive SAP cockpit, which gives you the overview you need. Also, a lot runs automatically, such as the derivation of material BOMs or the updating of document attributes. All this reduces manual effort, minimizes error sources, and saves time and expense – not only in engineering, but also in downstream departments. Thanks to central data management in the SAP system, the MCAD documents are available company-wide: up-to-date, consistent, and in neutral and viewing formats if required. Engineering data can then be simply and securely integrated in the business processes.

How do we do this with standard software tailored to individual customers? See for yourself!


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