Diehl Aviation plane cabin (Source Copyright by Diehl Aviation)

Diehl Aviation in Laupheim: Immediate take-off with SAP ECTR


As a preferred partner of the international aviation industry, Diehl Aviation stands for highly specialized solutions foraircraft cabins.  The company combines all aviation activities of the Diehl Group. Among its customers are well-known aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer. Customers’ production documents are stored in the central SAP system at Diehl Aviation in Laupheim and retrieved in the individual plants using a production info system. This used to run over a self-programmed SAP interface. After the production info system was discontinued at short notice, a new solution had to be found quickly, preferably integrated in SAP. Thanks to SAP Engineering Control Center - SAP ECTR - and a concerted action, this worked out promptly – in less than four months!

Solution - A precision landing

The new solution took off punctually after only four months. Since then, SAP ECTR has been in successful operation at Diehl Aviation in Laupheim in about 1000 work centers. The production workers only need to scan the barcode of the of the order form concerned. Then SAP ECTR immediately displays all order-relevant documents, the SAP BOM, and the drawing visualization for the material to be produced. Therefore the workers see everything necessary at a glance – with almost no effort. So it’s not surprising that the new solution was warmly welcomed by those involved. And management is also satisfied in view of the benefits:

  • Much slimmer system landscape and processes
  • Considerably less maintenance cost and effort
  • Uniform viewing system for all factory sites
  • Standardized data structure and document formats
  • Significant time savings and process cost reduction

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