New integration platform advances to insider tip

SAP Engineering Control Center plays a key role for future-oriented PLM strategies one conclusion of the SAPinsider conference 2015 from March 30 to April 2, 2015 in Las Vegas.

Karlsruhe, April 14, 2015
At the SAPinsider conference “Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2015”, SAP Engineering Control Center was being treated as an important success module for product manufacturers. The integration platform for authoring tools developed jointly by DSC and SAP SE has been on the market since November 2014. The basic technology is supplied by DSC with its Engineering Control Center, which has been an international success for years: in companies of different fields and sizes.

The conference in Las Vegas offered potential customers the opportunity to get to know the new solution in detail; not only that, but also the available CAD integrations of SAP Engineering Control Center. Correspondingly large was the visitors’ interest in live demos and talks at the joint stand of the PLM Alliance, where all partners involved were represented and working in close cooperation: besides DSC, CENIT, CIDEON and .riess were also there. Furthermore, visitors to DSC, an “SAP Gold Partner” with many years of implementation experience, were able to pick up valuable tips for their PLM projects: among other things in the very relevant talk given by Achim Rossel.

There were 1399 participants at the event location, Hotel “Mirage”, a complex in the style of a tropical rain forest with waterfalls, simulated volcanic eruptions, and white tigers in the garden. At least as impressive as the location was the conference program: with 110 sessions, 95 speakers, 75 exhibi-tors, 30 seminar hours, and 15 case studies. DSC Software used the conference for an intensive cus-tomer dialog, for cementing and expanding SAP contacts, as well as for strengthening strategic part-nerships – including those outside the PLM Alliance.

SAP Engineering Control Center: important module of the new SAP strategy
In the light of the new SAP strategy of an “Extended Supply Chain”, Hans Thalbauer (SAP) stressed in his keynote speech the importance of a uniform product innovation platform: a platform that links all business areas such as engineering, production, sales, etc. In this connection, SAP Engineering Con-trol Center is particularly important. The solution harmonizes the integrations and enables a coherent strategy for managing CAD data in the SAP system – as an entry into the entire product data man-agement area.

Collaboration platform for optimizing engineering processes
As the SAP speakers Thomas Ohnemus, Garret Miller, and Mike Lackey explained in their keynote speeches, efficient processes are also in demand: among other things, with a view to collaborative product development and systems engineering. Support also comes from SAP Engineering Control Center, which is specially designed for the joint development of increasingly complex products. How that appears in practice was shown by the session of Vinay V (SAP) on March 31, which was accom-panied by a live demo from Achim Rossel (DSC). The title: “Streamline your engineering processes and enable systems engineering with SAP’s new platform for CAD integration”; the most important topics:

  • Enhanced access to relevant product information from different CAD systems
  • Secured data consistency in multi-CAD environments
  • Possible processing of document-based structures in the CAD system and also directly in the SAP system, thanks to a bi-directional interface
  • Integrated visualization (2D/3D viewing)
  • Simplified handling of the SAP system thanks to an intuitive user interface

The comprehensive live demo, in which Rossel responded specifically to participants’ wishes, met with great resonance. The comparatively large number of listeners turned out to be a very interested and active audience. They asked numerous concrete questions that he was able to answer directly on the system, and transferred the functions presented to their own workflows. The live demo was thus a big factor in the success of the presentation.

PLM integration as project: tips for success and practical examples
Achim Rossel’s talk on April 1 was also well attended. This was titled “The wisdom of the PLM crowd – essence of lessons learned and implementation highlights from over a decade of delivering SAP PLM projects”. In a field report, he examined the most important aspects of success from DSC customer projects and many general PLM projects in completely different industries with the most varied requirements, and presented implementation highlights. Of particular value was the talk for PLM beginners. They learned what strategies promise the greatest success and what expectations are realistic. Furthermore, they were given insight into retrospective project assessments and got to know innovative customer solutions that DSC has transferred into standard software. All in all, a practice-oriented talk with a clear statement: with SAP PLM and the integration platform SAP Engineering Control Center for all authoring tools, “we make engineers want SAP”.