Parts management with PARTsolutions integrated in SAP

In the WWK Arena Augsburg, industrial companies experienced how the benefits of strategic parts management can be played off in a PLM-integrated multi-CAD environment.

Karlsruhe, March 22, 2017

 Strategic parts management, electronic CAD product catalogs, Building Information Modeling: These were the main topics of the 17th Industry Forum on March 15/16, 2017, which the Augsburg CADENAS GmbH hosted in the WWK Arena. The event was attended by over 200 international industry representatives and component manufacturers from the machinery and plant engineering as well as the electrotechnical sectors. DSC Software, a longstanding CADENAS partner, was also present this year with a booth and a presentation.

DSC’s participation took place under the motto “Fascination with Integration”. In focus: SAP Engineering Control Center – the integration platform for Industry 4.0, with which the benefits of strategic parts management can be played off in an SAP PLM-integrated multi-CAD environment. The interest of the visitors to the industry forum was accordingly great.

Presentation of ++partSolutionsNX

DSC presented the solution SAP Engineering Control Center as well as the integration of the CAD systems NX and Solid Edge in SAP ECTR. As a partner of CADENAS, DSC showed the integration of CADENAS PARTsolutions, ++partSolutionsNX, in SAP. Based on the two CAD systems Solid Edge and NX, DSC showed how easy it is to use the same parts with both systems. Apart from multi-CAD, DSC showed general use cases, like integrating a new catalog part in SAP and the finding and using of catalog parts, which already exist in SAP. With SAP ECTR, authorized SAP users now have access to catalog parts and standard parts, which were generated by CADENAS PARTsolutions. The data can be displayed and analyzed by SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer, which is integrated in SAP ECTR.

Solutions live

How all this looks in practical handling was demonstrated in the DSC lecture about the integration of CADENAS PARTsolutions with SAP and SAP ECTR. In the lecture, DSC showed how to create new catalog parts and how to choose and use existing catalog parts.

The practical demonstration of the solution on the two conference days showed customers and interested parties how easy it is to create new parts and to reuse them. They also learned:

  • How to reduce parts diversity and how to increase the reuse of parts by using SAP classification and CADENAS PARTsolutions
  • How to optimize the collaboration of construction and other process departments
  • How to find parts smartly, from searching by descriptive attributes, geometric similarity and text search to searching by connected objects like SAP material masters

Questions from interested listeners in the auditorium showed: Strategic parts management in the multi-CAD environment is a highly topical subject for producing companies. Not least because standardization and harmonization of parts and the reduction of the parts range save costs, e.g. in procurement and storage, or spare parts management and change processes.