SAP integrations at Product Innovation 2014

Speed dates for highly efficient product information

Karlsruhe, March 1, 2014
Completely new ways of customer information were initiated by the organizers of Product Innovation 2014. Many interested visitors got compact information in 15 minutes about their possibilities with the DSC solutions. At the center was ECTR – Engineering Control Center – which visitors could experience live. Both the live demonstrations and the DSC customer presentation were met with a very appreciative response. Overall, DSC closed with a very positive result thanks to promising new contacts and many existing customers, who picked up information on the latest products.

The specialist congress, which took place in Berlin on February 25/26, 2014, linked research, development, engineering and IT and gave management an insight into product creation. Accordingly, visitors came from all these company divisions in quite different industries. Customers took the opportunity and had their questions clarified directly on the product.

Engineering Control Center – impressive!
The integration platform ‘Engineering Control Center’ was received with great enthusiasm. Above all those who had never before seen the GUI were very impressed by the intuitive operation, the adaptability to their individual requirements, and the functional options in combination with SAP PLM. Again and again, visitors were astonished at what is now possible. A few examples:

Engineers and technicians have direct and easy access to all the data they need. They can quickly find parts, documents, and current release statuses, clearly display complex assemblies, and visualize 3D models at great speed – even without a CAD system. In addition, they have a comprehensive view of every product, even with complex structures of mechanics, electronics, and software. Moreover, a lot can be automated:
• Release and change processes
• Bill-of-material creation
• Neutral format generation
• Document dispatch to suppliers
• Generation of digital production portfolios, and much more

Best Practice presentation – surprise!
Georg Nützel, Senior Manager in Engineering Technology at Kennametal Shared Services, demonstrated how fast and effectively a fully integrated system solution with SAP PLM and ECTR can be introduced in a global corporation. His presentation “Building a Product Development Platform for a Complex World” was very well attended and excellently received, and drew particular attention of the listeners to the DSC way – the implementation of individual solutions perfectly tailored to requirements.

Using the course of the project in his own company as an example, the speaker demonstrated the rollout of a central SAP system including the seamless connection of existing automation and CAD/CAM systems. In the light of development locations all over the world, the very complex portfolio, and the highly automated design processes at Kennametal, one fact was particularly surprising: the short project duration. Despite very special company requirements, the new integrated solution went into production successfully after hardly a year.

For the latest information on the SAP strategy and the SAP Engineering Control Center integration platform, see our website.