Consistent MCAD-ECAD engineering following EPLAN integration


For the world’s leading forming technology company, product creation is a highly complex affair. On the one hand because for the special machines, thousands of MCAD and ECAD components have to be designed, produced, and provided just in time for assembly. And on the other hand, because production is spread across several company locations. For this reason, the company wanted to forge ahead with the already started process optimization. Concrete aims:


  • Synchronization of material and order BOMs in the SAP system
  • Automation of the generation of consolidated production documents
MCAD data receives company

The MCAD data was already stored in the SAP system. In order to get the ECAD data into the SAP system too, a seamless integration of EPLAN Electric P8 was carried out: with Engineering Control Center. This made it possible to link EPLAN projects with MCAD data but also with SAP objects such as material, etc.

Getting success off the ground

For the desired process, DSC and the customer jointly worked out a needs-oriented concept. In focus: a transparent overall view of every product, consolidated BOMs, and automatically generated production documents. The DSC specialists developed a tailor-made ECTR solution that optimally meets all customer-specific requirements.



Maximally transparent product structure

For every order, there is an EPLAN project. This project can easily be opened and edited in the intuitive SAP cockpit of ECTR and mirrors the hierarchy of the product and assembly structure – with all relevant objects. Thanks to a sophisticated numbering system, the object name shows the most important information: the order, the equipment type, the assembly unit, and the assembly. The assembly number shows the department: documentation, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication, or electrics. Thus the staff responsible have a transparent overall view of the product and the project.



Perfectly coordinated BOMs

There are also enormous benefits for BOM processing. From the SAP system, all ECAD-relevant mechatronic items on the BOM are imported to EPLAN. There is then a matching process in which information from EPLAN and, if applicable, new BOM items are added to the BOM. The consolidated BOM is then used to generate the order BOM. With the help of a specially produced template, the assemblies can then be easily assigned to individual orders. And the system automatically assigns the assembly rules to the order BOMs.


Plan derivation as the crowning highlight

Thanks to EPLAN integration, DSC was able to automate many things for the customer – with the help of different add-ons for SAP PLM. Thus plan derivation today runs automatically. At the same time, the production documents are also automatically generated, under workflow control based on the status change. And since these documents are also stored in the SAP system, they are directly accessible for all staff responsible.


Data good? That’s good!

Thanks to integration, the customer profits not only from that fact that the data is centrally accessible but also that it is completely reliable. This is assured by system-based status monitoring and versioning as well as SAP-based BOM matching. The rest is due to differentiated access protection. Plus the automatic generation of production documents, integrated in release and change processes. The benefits in brief:

  • Consistently higher process security
  • Time- and cost-saving procedures
  • Cross-location data access
  • Easier compliance with delivery dates

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