Create the basis to manage product data from different sources in one central SAP system - for easier teamwork, optimized product processes and shorter time-to-market cycles.


Strong tailwind for Industry 4.0

SAP Engineering Control Center is the strategic integration platform for Industry 4.0. The idea behind all this: just one system for managing and controlling all relevant data, documents and procedures all through the product lifecycle and beyond. In particular, this means you can integrate all types of authoring tools uniformly in SAP PLM. In this way, you create a central store for company-wide consistent product data – and the basis for interlinking product-related processes and optimizing them consistently: from development to logistics and production to service. Furthermore, SAP ECTR is the ideal collaboration platform for concurrent and systems engineering. Above all, because design and development teams always have an overall view of their products. This is provided by the intuitive R&D cockpit, which besides other things also offers classification, status tracking, change management, and 2D/3D viewing – with sustainable benefits. For example, project participants can coordinate their work more easily with each other across all development disciplines. Also, compliance risks can be prevented at an early stage, and the reuse of parts and the level of standardization can be improved. All that saves time and money, increases productivity and flexibility, and guarantees consolidated design releases – for smooth follow-on processes and a shorter time-to-market.

Your Benefits: 
Use of a future-proof and flexible integration platform
Integration of the most varied authoring systems in SAP PLM
Concentration of all product data at a central location
Optimization of product-relevant processes company-wide
An intuitive SAP cockpit for technical as well as non technical users
An increase in your own market chances and competitiveness

SAP ECTR is the strategic integration platform from SAP PLM for all authoring tools and your central engineering cockpit

As product diversity and complexity grow, manufacturers are producing individual products that combine hardware, electronics, and software using data stored in multiple authoring tools. With the SAP® Engineering Control Center integration tool, design and engineering teams can combine these diverse data sources into one holistic overview of product data to do their jobs faster and more efficient. More over SAP ECTR is your first choice for managing all technical documents in SAP. 


Do you want to train yourself or your colleagues worldwide most effective and sustainably?

You have the opportunity to do this with our innovative, English-language e-learning program for the new SAP Engineering Control Center. Your colleagues can easily be introduced to the SAP Engineering Control Center at their own workplace, whenever it is convenient. It is no problem for new employees to be worked into an existing SAP Engineering Control Center System. Easily the necessary basic knowledge is picked up, thus laying the foundation for further training courses.
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