Integrate your NX system in SAP PLM, with direct access to the SAP system. This makes your CAD data available company-wide so that you can manage it more easily and efficiently.


Freedom of movement for NX data in the product lifecycle

SAP Engineering Control Center interface to NX is the standard NX interface for SAP Engineering Control Center. It links the CAD/CAM/CAE system seamlessly with SAP PLM. That means you can add NX data to any product documents and supply product-related business processes with information from NX – across divisions and company sites. The entire added-value chain profits from this. But NX users also profit from the link. In their normal working environment, they can directly access all necessary data and functions of SAP PLM – via an integrated SAP menu. In this way, NX data can easily be managed, classified, and linked in the SAP system, both with each other and with other SAP objects. And a lot of things become automatic: e.g., generating and updating BOMs and where-used lists or filling drawing text headers with values from the SAP material master and document information record. Add to this the countless benefits of the R&D cockpit of SAP ECTR – available for NX users at the push of a button. All in all, ideal prerequisites for secure, efficient work with wide-ranging benefits.

Your Benefits: 
Company-wide availability of product data from NX
Easy integration of NX data in business processes
Direct SAP access from the familiar NX environment
Simple and efficient document management


Do you want to train yourself or your colleagues worldwide most effective and sustainably?

You have the opportunity to do this with our innovative, English-language e-learning program for the new SAP Engineering Control Center. Your colleagues can easily be introduced to the SAP Engineering Control Center at their own workplace, whenever it is convenient. It is no problem for new employees to be worked into an existing SAP Engineering Control Center System. Easily the necessary basic knowledge is picked up, thus laying the foundation for further training courses.
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