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After integration of product development in SAP PLM, the CAM connection is the next crucial step towards computer-integrated manufacture (CIM) – for consistent CAD/CAM/DNC processes. Our specific solutions comprehensively support CAM programming and completely map CAM structures: including finished part, raw part, interim states, devices, machine geometry, and tool assignment. Furthermore, you directly supply your CAM software with CAD and tool data from the SAP system, seamlessly integrated in the release and change management of product development. Ultimately, all data and documents generated in the CAM process automatically land in the SAP system, logically linked: from CAM parts, NC programs and simulations, to tool lists, clamping plans and tooling sheets, to operating and inspection tools. From all this, not only the CAM department but also the whole factory profits. For production orders, NC programs etc. are available at the push of a button, always reliably up to date. Best prerequisites for efficient follow-on processes and further-reaching automation: for example, the workflow-controlled supply of production planning and machine tools with all necessary data.

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