Managing all types of documents securely and efficiently in the SAP system

Which product manufacturer doesn’t know the situation? Mountains of documents, in different versions and change statuses, that all have to be managed – practicably and efficiently. How? With our document management solutions for SAP systems. You can now manage your documents from engineering, technical documentation, marketing etc. in your SAP system securely and in structures. You can also classify them and link them logically: both with other documents and with other SAP objects such as the material master, equipment, technical location, or work-plan. Thus you can automate the document processes, provide information as it is required, and map interconnections – including the status, version, and validity of every document. Furthermore, you profit from transparent, controlled release and change processes. And at the push of a button, all the documents you are looking for are available for authorized users company-wide: up-to-date, consistent, and clear. That saves effort, time and costs, and has the bonus of security.

How do we do this with standard software tailored to individual customers? See for yourself!


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