Optimizing systems engineering sustainably on the basis of SAP PLM

Product lifecycle management is getting ever more demanding. Not least because of the products, which combine mechanical, electronic and software-technical components. At the same time, the level of individualization, the speed of innovation, and compliance requirements are increasing. This is where perfect teamwork is called for in systems engineering. Just as important are coordinated releases and consolidated material BOMs – as a prerequisite for efficient logistics processes and speedy implementation in the factory. This can be achieved by an SAP PLM integration of product data from MCAD and ECAD design as well as software development. Then the data can be managed together in the SAP system: uniformly structured, classified according to need, logically linked, and available everywhere. Thus not only downstream areas but also engineering profits from it. Project participants have a permanent, updated overall view of their product, which minimizes coordination effort. Classification eases information retrieval and raises the level of standardization. System-supported change management makes it possible to monitor product changes and ensures controlled releases. On top of that, much can be automated, which saves a lot of time and makes procedures more secure.

How do we do this with standard software tailored to individual customers? See for yourself!


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