Linking all kinds of CAD systems uniformly to SAP PLM

A multi-CAD environment places high demands on data management and information exchange. It pays to concentrate the data of all CAD systems at a central point, in the SAP system. There they can be efficiently and coherently managed and integrated in business processes. And changes such as release statuses are consistently transparent. With DSC, you can do this simply and economically: using only one integration platform with standardized CAD interfaces and a uniform SAP user interface in the CAD systems. The package already includes such things as status monitoring and change management. Plus a 2D/3D viewer for the fast, dynamic visualization of drawings and models using neutral formats. Perfect for engineering. But also for data users without a CAD system, whether in marketing, sales, factory, or service. For at last they can now view engineering data effortlessly. There are now new opportunities for designers. With workflow control, they can automatically convert native CAD data into neutral or exchange formats. Or exchange data more flexibly between CAD systems. Of course that’s not all, but this much is certain: design processes run faster, productivity rises, and development costs are reduced. That’s why multi-CAD really pays.

How do we do this with standard software tailored to individual customers? See for yourself!


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