Managing tools and measuring equipment and resources profitably in the SAP system

Reducing the tool store, limiting tool diversity, and cutting direct tool costs: all this and more is easy to achieve if you integrate your tool library in the SAP system – with the help of a TDM solution from DSC. Then you can classify your own and purchased tools and tool assemblies according to plant, and measuring equipment and resources according to current standards; you can also manage them in a structured manner via SAP material masters. With everything that goes with it: BOMs, geometries, cutting data, 2D/3D data, block diagrams, processing methods, where-used lists, minimum quantities, and order data. Extra security and efficiency are provided by the import option for manufacturer-neutral tool catalogs. All in all, you get tangible benefits in your day-to-day business. On the basis of the production order, suitable tools are quickly identified, e.g., via the geometric or technology-related search function. And a lot even runs automatically, such as the creation of professional tool models, tooling sheets, or tool lists. That reduces manual effort and speeds up tool provisioning. On top of everything, existing tools and measuring equipment and resources are optimally used.

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