Supervising tools with SAP and controlling tool flow precisely

You want to reduce setup times and improve machine and tool utilization? A TLM solution from DSC will serve well here. With it you can instantiate tools, measuring equipment and resources, and manage the individual instances as equipment conveniently in the SAP system – including the lifecycle and movement data. With a shop-floor link, you can completely capture their route through the factory, including all relevant data such as intervention times and remaining service life or measurement data and regulations. Thus you can monitor the tool states and continuously track tool flows as well as control them precisely. The system also relieves you of time-consuming work: identifying requirements for resources, measuring equipment, and tools, generating planned tool orders, reporting pending provisions, delivering adjustment orders per machine, etc. And the generation of loading and unloading orders, as well as dismantling and refurbishing orders, runs automatically. And that’s not all: there are even system-based order proposals for worn-out tools, etc. In short: a whole range of possibilities to optimize tool lifecycle management procedures.

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