Optimization of product-related processes by lighting expert Waldmann

Innovative lighting solutions for industry, office, care and health as well as light therapy systems: All this is developed and produced by Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG, a global player with headquarters in the German town of Villingen-Schwenningen. Since the company was founded in 1928, Waldmann has consistently focused on quality, safety and efficiency – not just for its own products. And as the obsolete company system was to be discontinued at the end of 2015, the choice fell to a proven, secure and efficient solution: SAP ERP with  SAP PLM and SAP Engineering Control Center. With this, Waldmann has now modernized the company’s IT so that it is future-proof. At the same time, the IT landscape was streamlined and product-related processes optimized – as a result of the seamless SAP integration of MCAD and ECAD engineering. Important aspects of the implementation and its successes are described here in detail.

Going the whole hog: everything in a single system 

In MCAD Engineering (Siemens NX) and ECAD Engineering (Pulsonix), product data and metadata as well as changes and releases used to be managed with the use of a PDM system. The solution was only rudimentarily con-nected to the ERP system in which material masters and BOMs were managed. So data had to be transferred from one system to the other. This procedure cost a lot of time and was prone to errors. Plus: in order to be able to react, order logistics wanted not just to see what was changed in engineering but also what was new. Due to the system break, this was not immediately possible. The companywide SAP rollout was seen as an ideal opportunity to remove the system and media breaks and improve the flow of information. To this end, the PDM system was to be replaced by an SAP-integrated solution: SAP Engineering Control Center from DSC.

SAP ECTR integrates all kinds of authoring tools seamlessly in SAP PLM – over standard interfaces such as SAP Engineering Control Center interface to NX. With this solution, drawings, 3D models, BOMs, etc. automatically flow into the SAP system and are then available companywide, up to date and consistent. At the same time, designers get access to SAP data and functions: whether in their authoring tool or in the intuitive user interface of SAP ECTR. There they can view all types of SAP objects as required, structure and manage them, and link them logically, e.g. to material masters. This saves them the manual transfer of material numbers, and new and cur-rent BOMs are au-tomatically communicated to order logistics.


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