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Straight to the point with smart tool for easy access to SAP data

Latest webcast shows: DSC solution CROSS·POINT simplifies use of SAP data and contains everything that is important to executives and corporate departments

Straight to the point with smart tool for easy access to SAP data

Karlsruhe, 16.11.2022 – How can we make SAP documents and material information available from anywhere, fast, easily, and securely? Even for employees without deep SAP knowledge? This topic preoccupies many companies. Accordingly, the interest in the DSC webcast “CROSS·POINT – The smart access to SAP for everyone” was great. Over 180 people signed up: Apart from executives of all levels, also employees from different departments – sales, engineering, and project management as well as data, quality, and business process management to IT and user support. On October 11, they all got to know an intuitive, mobile tool, which enables every authorized person to quickly access the correct, easy-to-use SAP data. Also a tool which, according to the participant survey, offers exactly what everyone is looking for.

To introduce the topic of CROSS·POINT, Achim Rossel, Senior Vice President Business Development at DSC Software AG, explained that it’s about using the big amount of information from SAP and accessing important data at all times. “The only prerequisite is access to a browser,” said co-presenter Richard Becker, Consultant Customer and Partner at DSC. He added: “The essence of CROSS·POINT is the smart information access for everybody”.

Lightning-fast access to real-time SAP information – anywhere, anytime

Becker then gave a live presentation of this smart, permission-based access to central SAP data. It became clear how easy CROSS·POINT is to operate thanks to its self-explanatory, modern interface. Also, how a simple search entry can generate real-time data in seconds. Or, how found documents can be filtered and viewed directly. So everything the majority of participants deemed important on the survey is available: an intuitive UI (79%), flexible filter options (67%), central access (60%), and search performance (58%). With regards to the UI, Becker pointed out the seamless user experience in both stationary and mobile devices. Concerning the search performance, he added: “A main feature of CROSS·POINT is that we can also search for file contents within files.” Project manager Laura Dumbeck, who backed her colleagues during the webcast, added on request that all current text and image formats were searched and OCR support was a given.

Benefits for all user groups, value-added for the company

Not only makes CROSS·POINT SAP data easily, fast and securely available, it also makes it easier to use. Rossel said: “This enhances efficiency in the whole company. And the use of data has increased for our customers.” This could be because CROSS·POINT allows users to share data via hyperlink or to continue to use the data directly in SAP or SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR. Or, because the CROSS·POINT features save all user groups time and make the work easier. Several use case videos emphasized this, and also presented brand new export and upload possibilities. So even for those who already use the tool, something new and exciting was shown. For the others, Becker recommended the free test version. He pointed out that the test version made it easy to individually try CROSS·POINT, which he considered a crucial step.

CROSS·POINT – always good for new things, just as required

Afterwards, the DSC experts answered customer questions. They informed about upcoming new features. And, as before, Dumbeck recorded several customer requests to consider for the CROSS·POINT road map. At the same time, she pointed out that customer requests are always welcome and will enter product development based on priority. This makes it possible to address user wishes precisely – confirmed in the webcast feedback, where comments such as “Keep it up” and “Great use cases” backed up Richard Becker who already concluded from the participant survey: “With CROSS·POINT, we seem to be going in the right direction.”

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