DSC-Webcast | Where documents meet processes - SAP DMS


04 May 2021


All Day

DSC webcast | Where documents meet processes

Manage all product-relevant documents with SAP – easy and intuitive

DSC-Webcast | Where documents meet processes - SAP DMS

Process-oriented document management – Real-life experiences from projects and solution examples with SAP and SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR

Are you using SAP to manage important business processes – but some of the associated documents are located somewhere else entirely? Wouldn’t it be practical to manage all relevant documents in the SAP system, easily and intuitively? Then don’t miss our new webcast!

That’s exactly where you will learn how to manage your product-relevant documents efficiently and clearly in SAP. You can look forward to the following topics:

  • Central and structured document management with SAP and SAP ECTR
  • Efficient and transparent document processes (creating, changing, releasing etc.)
  • Document search results in seconds
  • Hands-on use cases – live in the system

If you are currently looking for an alternative to SAP EasyDM, you are in the right place!

In a live Q&A session at the end of the webcast, you can directly ask your questions to our DSC experts.

We recommend using SAP ECTR and the DSC solutions to overcome these challenges and to bridge the gap between the SAP DMS standard functions and a perfect Document Management System | DMS.