Document management in SAP DMS

As an essential element of business processes

Information is a powerful resource in any company. Despite their importance as an information carrier, documents are often distributed across several storage locations – with little or even no relation to processes. Documents without processes, and processes without documents – both cases are less than ideal. Central, process-oriented document management is vital for a perfect overview.

After all, hardly any process exists that is not associated with at least one document. Especially the discrete industries use a variety of different documents across the product lifecycle. If incidents occur in the process flow, due to wrong information, incorrect data, or documents impossible to find, this affects the profitability of the whole company.

SAP ECTR & DSC solutions

Boost for efficiency and handling of SAP DMS

If you are using SAP as your ERP system, you already have a Document Management System | DMS in your company!

SAP DMS or Document Management System, which is part of the SAP ERP standard system, already provides the core functions. SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR and the solutions by DSC Software AG not only extend the functional scope, but also greatly simplify the handling for users by providing user interfaces that are perfectly suitable for their tasks.

Achieve the full potential of SAP DMS: Improve the usability, simplify the handling and thereby, increase your efficiency. Reduce the wasted cost incurred by time-consuming searches for the right documents, and lower your time to market!

Rely on the field-tested solutions from DSC Software AG.

End-to-end processes

Complete transparency through the integration of the relevant documents

Intuitive user interface

No expert knowledge on SAP transactions required

Direct integration of authoring tools

MS Office, MS Outlook, CAD systems, ...

High performance search

Whether by metadata, SAP classification, or via full text search in file contents

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DSC solutions for efficient document management system

The use of SAP ECTR and the DSC solutions provides additional functions and valuable benefits for efficient document management. They seamlessly enhance the SAP DMS solution and extend the core functions.

Gone are the times when documents were stored on different network drives. The eternal search for the right document in the right version is a thing of the past. When combined with CROSS·POINT, SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR offers not only the search for metadata but also full text search and search using classification data.

SAP Engineering Control Center

SAP Engineering Control Center

As an additional component for SAP DMS, SAP ECTR helps discrete manufacturers manage all product-relevant data and documents within the company's central SAP system.



CROSS·POINT is a highly efficient search technology for SAP documents. The intuitive and modern web GUI allows searching for and providing documents, their originals and their classification – quickly, easily, and company-wide.

We recommend using SAP ECTR and the DSC solutions to overcome these challenges and to bridge the gap between the SAP DMS standard functions and a perfect Document Management System | DMS.