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Document Management
Manage documents from engineering, technical documentation, marketing etc. quite simply in your SAP system. That saves effort, time and expense, and gives you added security.
Make your CAM processes simpler, more secure, and more efficient: e.g. through direct access to CAD and tool data as well as the management of CAM parts, NC programs etc. in the SAP system.
Connect your ECAD systems with SAP PLM. That improves interdisciplinary collaboration and gives you consolidated material BOMs as well as releases for follow-on processes.
Integrate MCAD systems seamlessly in SAP PLM. This improves teamwork and product development procedures, and you can integrate MCAD data in the business processes.
Optimize your systems engineering by managing MCAD, ECAD and software files in the SAP system: logically interlinked, consistently transparent, and available company-wide.
Connect all your CAD systems through an integration platform to SAP PLM – for a harmonized, efficient IT landscape and with all the benefits of central data management.
Manage your tools, measuring equipment and resources profitably in the SAP system. In this way, you can reduce tool stocks and tool diversity, and cut direct tooling expenses.
Simply use your SAP system to control tool flows and monitor tools. That helps to reduce setup times and improve machine and tool utilization.

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Create the basis to manage product data from different sources in one central SAP system - for easier teamwork,...

Integrate your NX system in SAP PLM, with direct access to the SAP system. This makes your CAD data available...

Select from a wide range of demand-oriented value-add-ons and use our know-how to implement your special wishes –...

Integrate your ECAD system in SAP PLM, with direct access to the SAP system. This makes you ECAD data available...

Give your engineers, designers, and technical engineering staff an intuitive SAP cockpit: for an optimal overview as...

Connect your NX system directly to SAP PLM: then you can manage models, drawings, product structures, and changes...

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