Factory Control Center | FCTR complements the SAP-assisted product development process with CAM integration, complete tool data management in SAP, and detailed planning of tools and operating resources, connected to shop floor systems.

This allows the seamless organization in SAP even of processes like determining tool requirements, providing NC programs, and documenting correction data for the tool presetters. SAP standard objects such as document, material, bill of material, equipment, routing, and production resource are the basis of FCTR, and the solution supports all order-related processes in manufacturing.

One system centrally manages all of the relevant data, and automatically provides this data where necessary.

Intuitive user interface

Intuitive user interface

All data and information at a glance – reliable and tailored to every single use case, from CAD/CAM and tool management to DNC and shop floor

Smart functional enhancements

Smart functional enhancements

FCTR adds new functions to existing SAP objects and thereby bridges the gap between engineering and manufacturing

Single Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth

SAP standard objects such as document, bill of material, routing, etc. are the basis of FCTR, and the solution supports all order-related processes in manufacturing

Seamless integration into SAP

Seamless integration into SAP

FCTR ensures the seamless integration of NC data, tools, CAM systems, devices, and machine controls into the SAP-assisted product development process

Smart manufacturing processes with FCTR

The use of digital data turns industrial processes upside down – as the mega trend of digitalization does not stop short of manufacturing. Nevertheless, insular solutions are still reality in many companies.

In particular, the transition from product development to manufacturing is a challenge for some companies, as this is where several systems, data, and processes collide. This heterogeneous landscape complicates achieving consistent and flawless processes, as well as approaches for standardization. A manufacturing solution integrated into SAP is a powerful resource for meeting these challenges. FCTR offers end-to-end CAD/CAM/DNC processes in SAP and therefore bridges the gap between product development and manufacturing.

Factory Control Center | FCTR

Manufacturing Engineering

Factory Control Center | FCTR

Shop Floor Preparation

Factory Control Center | FCTR

Shop Floor Integration

Benefits of Factory Control Center

All data and processes in ONE system – SAP

Shorter lead times

Increased transparency

Harmonized IT system landscape

Systematic support for work scheduling and manufacturing planning

Reduced total cost of ownership

Optimized information exchange

Company-wide flexibility through one central system – SAP

SAP Engineering Control Center

The basis for Factory Control Center

With our solution SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR, DSC as an SAP Platinum Partner, provides an innovative PLM environment for the optimization of your product development processes. Thereby, we provide, among other things, a standard integration platform for technical applications, as well as a user-friendly interface for engineers.

SAP ECTR serves as the technological basis for FCTR. With FCTR, the scope of functions of SAP ECTR is enhanced with respect to manufacturing. Hence, it closes the gap between product development and manufacturing by directly integrating relevant processes, such as tool data management, CAM, tool lifecycle management, and DNC into the existing SAP system.

New FCTR Customer Influence Program

Users of Factory Control Center | FCTR are now able to contribute their own ideas and suggestions for future innovations to actively shape further product development. Thanks to an innovative communication platform, the new FCTR Customer Influence Program creates ideal conditions for communicating with FCTR experts.

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