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Using non-integrated CAM systems may cause error-prone processes that lead to increased costs and expenditures. SAP-integrated CAM systems ensure that the CAM engineer not only has access to complete and up-to-date data at all times, but also becomes part of the holistic product development process – from Design to Operate.

Your advantages at a glance

Integration of leading CAM systems

NX-CAM and hyperMILL-CAM into SAP

Seamless process chain for CAD, CAM, and NC

Intuitive user interface for engineers

Provision of all necessary NC data from the SAP system

Our comprehensive expertise in the field of CAD integration means that we also have the corresponding technologies and the know-how to seamlessly integrate CAM systems e.g. NX CAM and hyperMILL into SAP. Factory Control Center | FCTR enables not only the integration of CAM systems for different manufacturing technologies such as cutting into SAP but also provides engineers with an intuitive user interface for their daily work.

With the complete SAP integration, all data from the CAD, CAM, and NC processes are mapped in one single system. Additionally, the tool information for the respective CAM system is provided in a tailor-made way for the system. Thanks to FCTR, all of the NC data, such as NC programs, clamping plans, tool descriptions, fixtures, etc. is available for manufacturing processes. Optimized NC programs can be directly transferred back to the SAP system.

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