Round Table | Maximale Performance in SAP ECTR


10 Jun 2021


All Day

Interactive expert panel for existing customers | Maximum performance in SAP ECTR

Solutions for smoothly exchanging comprehensive CAD data among remote locations


Interactive Expert Panel | Online

Round Table | Maximum performance in SAP ECTR

Does your company have multiple locations around the globe so that your SAP ECTR users need to transfer CAD files with large amounts of data regularly via WAN?

Then you are probably familiar with the resulting performance bottlenecks. This is why companies are facing enormous challenges regarding the transfer of comprehensive CAD data. From small bandwidth to packet loss or high latency – all of this highly affects the performance.

During this interactive expert panel, our DSC experts present solution scenarios for improving, in a fast and sustainable way, the performance of your SAP system for the exchange of CAD data.  Please feel free to contribute your questions during the talks, and to discuss with our experts.

Please consider the following information about the event format:

Due to the great demand, we are unable to retain the Round Table format originally planned. Instead of this, we will present the topic in the form of an interactive expert panel. On request, we can offer Round Tables with a maximum of 10 participants, organized as interactive workshops.

Both the interactive expert panel and the Round Tables aim at an audience with advanced knowledge.

Our DSC experts look forward to meeting you!

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Maximale Performance in SAP ECTR


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