06 Jul 2021


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Webcast | Intelligent parts management integrated in SAP ECTR – more efficiency in engineering

July 6, 2021

Webcast | Online

DSC-Webcast | Where documents meet processes - SAP DMS

The integration of Cadenas’ strategical parts management PARTsolutions in SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR enables the access to over 800 manufacturer-verified catalogs of standard and purchased parts.

The users – be it in manufacturing, purchasing, or standardization – can access catalogs of standard, purchased, or common parts from SAP ECTR and CAD systems. With several combinable search methods such as the geometric similarity search, CAD models including extensive metadata can be found and used in manufacturing.

Cadenas and DSC will show you the different applications and benefits of the integration solution “PARTsolutions for SAP ECTR” and will answer the following questions and more:

  • How can we reduce the effort of creating standard and purchased parts in SAP?
  • How can we reduce costs through reuse instead of new creation of components?
  • How can we avoid the creation of duplicates by finding components fast with the help of intelligent search methods?
  • Which geometry and metadata are available through the detailed view in SAP or PARTsolutions?
  • How can purchasing or other departments access the catalogs and own parts?
  • How can the decision whether to make or buy be supported?
  • How can we improve the selection of suppliers?

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