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High number of participants in interactive webcast about CROSS·POINT

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High number of participants in interactive webcast about CROSS·POINT

Karlsruhe, November 2021 – DSC Software AG presented the latest version of CROSS·POINT with the interactive webcast “CROSS·POINT – Quick access to information in your SAP system”. Using six different examples, the DSC experts showed how different people can quickly access information as documents or materials in the SAP system from their typical working environment. The intuitive handling of the web solution enables all employees to access data, even without SAP knowledge: And this is possible in real time, location-independent and without compromising security!

Enormous interest in the CROSS·POINT webcast

DSC generated an enormous interest already last year with their successful webcast at the market launch of CROSS·POINT. Meanwhile, numerous customers are already using the solution and SAP users cannot imagine everyday work without it. With the webcast about the latest release CROSS·POINT 2021.0.0, new features and functions were presented with hands-on demos. Within several quick polls, participants could interactively take part in the webcast.

The broad fields of application for CROSS·POINT

The DSC experts illustrated the broad fields of application for CROSS·POINT with six different use cases. Whether in the office, on the go, or on the shop floor – the examples showed how different people and roles, with their individual requirements, can access information in the SAP system with CROSS·POINT in a fast, easy and efficient way. Thanks to the intuitive user interface of CROSS·POINT – based on state-of-the-art web technologies – the knowledge of SAP users is not an issue. The examples also illustrated clearly that CROSS·POINT can be used either in combination with SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR, or as a stand-alone solution.

Comparing two of the fictive characters presented in webcast

SAP users’ different requirements become apparent when comparing only two of the fictive characters presented in the webcast. On the one hand, there is the engineer with medium SAP knowledge who prefers working with SAP ECTR. As CROSS·POINT is fully integrated in SAP ECTR, she can search for any product-related document with CROSS·POINT and directly work with the results in SAP ECTR – without having to leave her familiar work environment. On the other hand, there is the planning engineer with low SAP knowledge who wants to work location-independently – in this case with a tablet on the go. He wants to access a material and display a technical drawing, as he needs the currently valid version from the SAP system. As different as these two cases may seem, CROSS·POINT enables both users to access the desired data quickly, efficiently, and securely in the SAP system – without needing a printer or having to leave their work environment. It couldn’t be easier!

DSC motto – Your Companion for Integrative PLM

True to the DSC motto Your Companion for Integrative PLM, DSC realized numerous customer requirements with the latest release. This shows again how much DSC appreciates their customers’ input for the further development of the own software products. For example, it is now possible to directly access the SAP GUI for working with the documents and materials found via CROSS·POINT. The solution now also supports the SAP object “Material”, so that users can directly search and display materials with CROSS·POINT. At the same time on the software-side, the foundations were laid for timely and easily integrating further object types – as necessary. This provides significantly broadened fields of application for CROSS·POINT throughout the company.

Extremely positive feedback of the participants

Consequently, the participants’ feedback was extremely positive. Their responses ranged from “Very informative – entertaining, to the point” and “Very professional presentation” or “Great solution – keep going” to “Great variety due to language, videos and graphics”. The participants especially praised the well-planned time for questions at the end of the presentation. They took the chance for receiving additional information, which again showed the strong interest in the solution CROSS·POINT at the point of the latest release.

The right track to follow

DSC is convinced that for CROSS·POINT this is the right track to follow. The DSC experts Achim Rossel, Senior Vice President Business Development, and Richard Becker, Consultant Customer and Partner, who moderated the webcast as a team, stated: “Our journey with CROSS·POINT has just started. This is why we are still looking forward to feedback from our customers and prospects for optimizing and further developing the solution for them and together with them”.