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Latest evolutionary stage of SAP integrations for R&D

Updated SAP Engineering Control Center brochure underlines high relevance of solution in SAP PLM context

Latest evolutionary stage of SAP integrations for R&D

Karlsruhe, July 2021 – Intelligent Engineering for an Intelligent Enterprise – it’s all in the title of the newest version of the SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR brochure: Engineering is a main part of the Intelligent Enterprise concept. After all, the data integration of the engineering workflow to downstream processes is the prerequisite for seamless information flow and the Single Source of Truth. SAP ECTR is the state-of-the-art technology to integrate Research and Development | R&D in SAP PLM.

Especially the PLM sector is known for the numerous challenges it poses, such as globally distributed development locations, the large number of data producing systems and the nonstop information flow, as well as the complex data exchange. SAP systems and technologies are the best possible basis to meet these challenges head-on. SAP PLM is not a singular solution, but consists of different, integrated building blocks, which guarantee consistency on application and process levels. The heart of the system: the strategic integration platform SAP ECTR.

Continuous development through customer feedback

“SAP ECTR is the newest evolution of SAP’s R&D-integration technology. We listened to your feedback and continuously developed the solution for over 15 years − matching it perfectly to the market’s needs”, says SAP in the newest brochure. Currently, 700 satisfied customers are using our solution. DSC is proud that this product − originally by DSC − is so popular and constantly enhanced.

Ideal basis for Intelligent Enterprise and Digital Twin

SAP ECTR creates a holistic product description benefitting all parts of the company. At the same time, it creates the basis for all downstream processes in the context of Intelligent Enterprise and Digital Twin. The data also becomes a part of the central release, change and access management of SAP. This way, security is guaranteed, not only in engineering, but in all upstream and downstream processes, too.

Powerful integration technology

With SAP ECTR, engineering data from different sources such as MCAD, ECAD, and software, can be integrated, managed, linked with business data, and used in follow-up processes – on premise and in the cloud. This way, different customer needs can be addressed.

Intuitive user interface for engineers

The modern SAP ECTR cockpit meets the needs of engineers perfectly with all relevant data and processes available at the engineers’ fingertips. SAP PLM and SAP ECTR crack open information silos and pave the way for new business models.

Connecting Engineering to the Enterprise

Intelligent Engineering for an Intelligent Enterprise.