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Smart tool for easily working with SAP data awakens great interest

Smart tool for easily working with SAP data awakens great interest

“Access to SAP data for everyone. Fast, intuitive, anywhere.” This was the title of the latest CROSS·POINT webcast by DSC Software AG. Over 150 department experts and executives from various industries had signed up. The participants expressed great interest in learning how to provide information from the SAP system centrally, intuitively, and quickly – across the entire company.

The solution is: CROSS·POINT. This tool allows authorized users to access SAP documents or material data in seconds – everywhere, anytime, and without special SAP know-how.

All of this becomes possible thanks to an intuitive UI with free text search fields, or real-time results and direct viewing of PDF content. CROSS·POINT can be used on all devices with a web browser.

The webcast’s highlights: a presentation of various customer scenarios. One customer, for example, uses CROSS·POINT in NX for searching and opening CAD objects. Or employees on the shop floor can scan QR codes at their work centers to access relevant documents quickly and easily.  More exciting use cases can be found in the latest Success Story of voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace, as the presenters mentioned.

They also answered the questions asked during the webcast right away. This way, the participants learned that CROSS·POINT can be seamlessly integrated in SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR.

The following feedback from a participant perfectly summarizes the success of this webcast: “I’d really like to have CROSS·POINT – the sooner the better.” So, good to know that CROSS·POINT can be implemented in record time. And it’s all the same for the free test version.