Every Enterprise Is Different – Customizable Solutions Are The Answer

DSC stands for practice-approved and future-proof solutions in ONE System – SAP: customized for your needs.

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Up for any Challenge

With One System – SAP

Your sector faces very specific challenges. Lay the foundation with SAP PLM and SAP ECTR – with a holistic approach to integration and managing all product data and processes in ONE System – SAP.

All data and business processes act as one – Design to Operate is no empty promise. Product data is collected in the Business Suite from the first idea onwards. Users can access the right tools at the right time and can concentrate on the tasks that truly matter. That way, great products can be created, exiting your customers worldwide.

PLM for Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense

Smaller costs, higher quality standards, and an interconnected supply chain are the main success factors for an optimal customer experience. Innovation cycles are getting shorter, products smarter, methods more complex. Groundbreaking technologies and processes based on Design to Operate pave the way into the future.

PLM for Automotive


Four megatrends are currently occupying the minds of the automotive industry: Connected Mobility, Autonomous Mobility, Shared Mobility, and Electromobility. Mobility services and individual experiences of costumers with these vehicles are also coming into focus more and more. Especially for agile enterprises, this means that new opportunities arise. How can product development meet these new challenges?

PLM for Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Results tailor-made for the customer and based on a deep understanding of what the customer needs – to solve this task repeatedly is extremely taxing. Our innovative solutions help you out on your way to the Intelligent Enterprise.

PLM for Engineering, Construction and Operations

Engineering, Construction and Operations

Consistent digitalization is the current theme. Thanks to clever supply chains based on interconnected systems and processes, costs can be reduced and the quality of automatized processes sharply improved.

PLM for High-Tech

High Tech

Strong competition with companies in the whole world, fast implementation of trends, and customized brand promises are everyday life in this sector. Software becomes a part of all processes. Optimize your processes from Design to Operate and always be one step ahead of your competitors.

PLM for Industrial Machinery and Components

Industrial Machinery and Components

The digital value chain and manufacturing batch sizes of one, a fair, collaborative teamwork with the customer, as well as new business and service models – and of course the universal, digital image of the product during the whole lifecycle: the Digital Twin. All these are factors that make or break suc-cess in this sector in the years to come.

PLM for Life Sciences Medical Industry

Life Sciences

It is all about the responsible patient demanding customized solutions, about digital supply chains, Smart Factory, and regulatory requirements – but this is no problem with the appropriate solution. SAP PLM integrates real-time data into business processes, supports the automation of production, and pro-vides a new level of quality in patient care.

PLM for Professional Services

Professional Services

Untapped markets, new customers, and location-independent networks: Those factors offer a great potential for enterprises. State-of-the-art-solutions and strong partners make it possible to exploit those potentials completely and to implement innovations fast.