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DSC webcast VARIANT AND PRODUCT STRUCTURE MANAGEMENT WITH SAP AND SAP ECTR in high demand by customers and prospects

DSC Webcast | Varianten- und Produktstrukturmanagement mit SAP und SAP ECTR

Karlsruhe, March 2021 – Sneakers, cars, or compressors – customizable products are trending across all sectors. A trend that leads to an ever-growing diversity of variants, affecting the whole value chain. The processes and CAD methods necessary to display variant structures are highly complex, very individual and pose a challenge for many enterprises. To account for these developments, DSC Software AG hosted the webcast VARIANT AND PRODUCT STRUCTURE MANAGEMENT WITH SAP AND SAP ECTR and promptly hit bull’s eye with this choice of topic.

The guiding principle of DSC Software AG – to be at the pulse of time and close to the customer – is reflected in the webcast offers of the Karlsruhe company. A popular concept, as the constantly rising number of participants proves. On March 30, 2021, the webcast titled VARIANT AND PRODUCT STRUCTURE MANAGEMENT WITH SAP AND SAP ECTR was aired and a complete success for customers and prospects alike. Many DSC customers experience a shift from serially produced to customized products, manufactured in smaller batch sizes and offered in more variants with shorter product lifecycles.

The mix of theory and practice gave the participants a good overview. After classifying the topic as part of the Design to Operate process, the use of classical variant configuration was explained, with special attention given to the result in the respective CAD program. True to the motto ‘hands on’, the second part of the webcast showcased a concrete example for using SAP Product Structure Management and the interplay with SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR. All of this directly in the system, of course. SAP ECTR is THE standard integration platform for leading authoring systems in SAP PLM. Locally created product data and documents are accessible company-wide, can be managed in a structured manner and linked to SAP objects – for a holistic product description.

“I’m thrilled. A complex topic, structured meticulously and explained on a concrete example,” a content participant said after the webcast.

“This format is a great tool to learn new functions in a short amount of time,“ said another, “Please go on like this!”

Nothing the DSC Software AG needs to be told twice – on May 4, 2021, the DSC webcasts return with the topic WHERE DOCUMENTS MEET PROCESSES | MANAGE ALL PRODUCT-RELEVANT DOCUMENTS WITH SAP – EASY AND INTUITIVE. In this webcast, customers and prospects learn how to manage their product-relevant documents efficiently and neatly in SAP to boost synergies with processes. Prospects currently looking for an alternative to SAP EasyDM have come to the right place, too!

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