MCAD consolidation at HENSOLDT: The most important steps are done

With their new strategy “ONE CAD AND ONE SYSTEM”, the well-known sensor manufacturer already achieved first sustainable successes

MCAD consolidation at HENSOLDT

The German-based high-tech pioneer HENSOLDT is an increasingly global enterprise with a market-leading position in Europe – constantly seeking to improve competitiveness, innovation, and efficiency. It is no coincidence that the expert for sensor solutions also promotes the company’s PLM digitalization. With a “One CAD and One System” strategy, the company is currently unifying the heterogeneous CAD tools and data processing systems in the field of mechanical engineering. Aside from the transition from CATIA and I‑deas to Siemens NX, this strategy aims at:

  • Consistently managing all existing and future MCAD data in SAP as the leading system
  • Integrating NX and SAP via SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR and SAP ECTR interface to NX
  • Setting up SAP-supported processes that ensure standardized and controlled workflows

Most of this is already done. Not least because HENSOLDT realizes this project together with DSC, an experienced implementation partner for digital PLM strategies in SAP.

In the field of mechanical engineering, the company now relies on one single CAD tool and data processing system. The essential goal of “One CAD and One System” has therefore been achieved, ensuring both a lean system landscape and uniform processes. The SAP-supported processes simplify the way of working and offer greater security. For example, thanks to checking mechanisms that facilitate compliance with the company-wide design guidelines. Now, HENSOLDT can approach new projects for further increasing workflow efficiency: either regarding ECAD / CAM integration, seamless PDP digitalization, or much more. With the strategic platform SAP ECTR, a lot is possible.

Target tool of project one CAD

Source: Presentation “One CAD at Hensoldt Sensors” held at SIEMENS PLM CONNECTION Germany.


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