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++projectSystem for combining SAP PS and SAP ECTR

++projectSystem for combining SAP PS and SAP ECTR

Karlsruhe, October 10, 2023 – With ++projectSystem, Milliarum and DSC Software AG provide a solution for the management of product data in SAP that combines SAP Project System | SAP PS with SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR. The tool for efficient project management brings together, on one platform, all data, documents, and persons involved in product development. This eliminates redundant data management, shortens release cycles, and shows the project progress in a transparent and traceable way at any time.

++projectSystem was developed based on a joint customer project. On the basis of SAP PS in SAP ECTR, the solution was designed to map a detailed project plan with all tasks from design to manufacturing and quality assurance. “++projectSystem transfers the world of SAP project management to the world of SAP ECTR users,” explains Richard Becker, Consultant Customer and Partner at DSC Software AG. With the worklist, the solution brings both worlds together in an SAP ECTR operation. It allows documents from design solutions, such as Siemens NX and AutoCAD, to be linked with other authoring systems, such as MS Word or Excel, and all steps of the plan to be documented. This way, the project progress, created documents, and sequences of operations are always traceable for everyone involved. “With ++projectSystem, users can participate in the project from their familiar work environment, and everything comes together in SAP and is linked,” says Harald Schmitz, CEO of Milliarum.

In ++projectSystem, Milliarum combines their expert knowledge in SAP PS with the SAP ECTR expertise of DSC Software AG. This out-of-the-box solution allows a quick implementation thanks to its high degree of maturity. Its intuitive UI is easy to use without any user training. “The collaboration is more than an extended workbench, which also illustrated by the joint, solution-oriented customer service,” describes Markus Voigt, Senior Consultant at DSC Software AG. At the same time, ++projectSystem is developed continuously, according to new SAP releases. And also a continuation of the successful collaboration is currently being planned with the introduction of ++PPM. At the moment, pilot customers are wanted for first customer shipment.


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About Milliarum

Milliarum is one of the leading providers of holistic solutions for SAP Portfolio, Project and Resource Management, with an independent process and application vision. The Milliarum Cockpit provides users with an ideal technical infrastructure for the entire Milliarum product portfolio. The certified SAP partner company supports SAP users on their journey to an ideal SAP structure for Project, Portfolio and Resource Management. The enhancements for SAP standard and mobile apps are intuitive, innovative, and based on SAP PS and SAP PPM.

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About DSC

DSC Software AG is one of the leading consulting and integration experts in the field of SAP PLM. We accompany industrial enterprises in the concrete implementation of digitalization strategies focusing on the product lifecycle in SAP, with our competence in integration, processes and implementation.

Together with SAP, we develop the strategic integration platform for SAP PLM: SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR – simply “integrative PLM”.

As an SAP Platinum partner, we promote the Digital Transformation with currently about 750 customers. With lots of know-how, and solutions always tailored to our customer’s needs.

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