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Product Lifecycle Management | PLM

SAP Product Lifecycle Management | SAP PLM

PLM with ONE System – SAP: to meet the increased challenges of product development, a clever PLM concept is necessary. Which benefits do SAP PLM and the seamless integration of engineering in all business processes have to offer?

Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprise

What makes an enterprise intelligent? The ability to understand data and to put the data into the right context – not only the ability to make data available. The result? More space for innovation and the flexibility to react to dynamic market conditions.

Digitalization with SAP PLM


Interconnection and integration are main requisites for the realization of all projects concerning digitalization. All of these your ONE System – SAP with PLM has been offering for years, as it unites data and processes in one business suite.

Digital Twin with SAP PLM

Digital Twin

The digital mirror image of an object or a process in real life offers insights that can be utilized in all parts of the product lifecycle. But to use the Digital Twin to its full potential, a correct data basis is essential.

Digital Transformation with SAP PLM

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is an ongoing process – a process that challenges and teaches. For this, SAP offers groundbreaking technologies. Let us figure out together which technologies are the best fit for your enterprise.

Data Consistency with SAP PLM

Data Consistency

Provide and manage data company-wide and connect it with business processes – independent of size and complexity and from the first draft onwards. How this works? With an intelligent and state-of-the-art Single Source of Truth called SAP.