Where does the Digital Twin begin?

The Digital Twin is a source of valuable insight that is useful along the entire product lifecycle. Although, the appropriate data basis is essential, in order to fully exploit this potential.

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HWA AG Success Story

Clear Advantage From Strategic Pit Stop

Design Engineers of HWA AG, an across-the-board engineering expert in car racing and high-performance vehicles, have always worked with CATIA. In 2015, Siemens NX 10 was introduced additionally. HWA used this introduction to remold established systems, including a change from SAP CAD Desktop | CDESK to SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR.

Ypsomed AG Success Story

Towards A Digital Future – Step By Step

 This guarantees process security, eases conformity with regulatory conditions, and enables a faster reaction to market requirements. Furthermore, it opens up profitable ways towards IoT (Internet of Things) – for innovative service concepts and a completely new quality of patient care.

Shanghai Electric Success Story

Tailwind For Efficient PDM and MBE Processes

The state-owned Chinese enterprise group Shanghai Electric is one of the biggest national conglomerates focused on machinery and plant engineering. To optimize product data management and to facilitate trans-disciplinary product development, Shanghai Electric gradually introduced SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR and integrated MCAD as well as ECAD systems seamlessly.

Connect Engineering with Your Enterprise

Holistic Data Basis With SAP PRoduct Lifecycle Management and SAP Engineering Control Center

With the slogan The Power of Digital Supply Chain: Connect Digitally to Perfect Reality, SAP gets to the heart of the potential of consistently interconnected systems and processes concerning the Digital Twin. Therefore, SAP PLM provides perfect conditions, as all data is integrated in ONE system – SAP.

Thus, Design to Operate becomes reality. Your product data is actually brought together in the SAP Business Suite from the very first requirement outline. The result: Users can focus on the essence of their work and thereby create great products.

Product Lifecycle Management | PLM

In order to face the constantly increasing requirements of product development, a refined PLM concept is necessary. Which benefits result from ONE System – SAP PLM with the seamless integration of Engineering into all subsequent processes?

Document Management SAP ECTR

Document Management

Which product manufacturer does not know the challenge of a multitude of documents in different versions and change statuses that need to be managed in a feasible and efficient manner? How can this challenge be faced? With the integrated document management solution for SAP systems and SAP ECTR!

Mechanical CAD Integration | MCAD

Mechanical CAD Integration | MCAD

SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR is the standard integration platform for authoring tools, such as MCAD systems. SAP ECTR seamlessly connects MCAD systems with SAP PLM. This way, CAD models and drawings can be managed centrally and provided consistently – across all departments and locations.

Multi-CAD Integration

Multi-CAD Integration

With SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR, the standard integration platform for leading authoring tools, enterprises have the possibility to use different MCAD systems in parallel.

Electronic and electric CAD integration | ECAD

Electronic and Electric CAD Integration | ECAD

Products are becoming increasingly complex. Mechanics becomes less important. The proportion of electrics, electronics, and software is increasing. The integration: A challenging task for Product Lifecycle Management? Not for SAP ECTR!

2D/3D Viewing

2D/3D Viewing

SAP ECTR makes it possible to use 2D and 3D product data in connection with business data in SAP – and this is feasible without a CAD system.