Start Your Digital Revolution – NOW!

It is as simple as that: Analog content and processes are digitized, and the resulting chances are revolutionary! 

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Herbert Waldmann Success Story

Spot On: MCAD, ECAD And PDM Fully Integrated In SAP PLM

Since the company was founded in 1928, Waldmann has consistently focused on quality, safety and efficiency – not just for its own products. And as the obsolete company system was to be discontinued at the end of 2015, the choice fell to a proven, secure and efficient solution: SAP ERP with SAP PLM and SAP Engineering Control Center. With this, Waldmann has now modernized the company’s IT so that it is future-proof.

Janicki Industries Success Story SAP PLM SAP ECTR

Jumpstarting New Success – With Integrated Engineering

Janicki Industries is a leading manufacturer of parts, prototypes, and tools made from state-of-the-art composites for the aerospace industry. Because of an AS9100 certification, the company from Sedro-Wooly (Washington, USA) decided to implement SAP as ERP system to ensure a consistent digitalization of its value chain.

SwissOptic Success Story

Digital PCP At SwissOptic: Precision All Along The Line

When the PLM system had to be replaced, an integrated solution was chosen: SAP Engineering Control Center from DSC Software AG. SAP ECTR seamlessly integrates all kinds of authoring tools over standard interfaces in SAP PLM. This means that locally created documents automatically flow into the SAP system and are then available company-wide – always up-to-date and consistent.


Why This Process Is a Revolution as well as an Evolution at the Same Time

Developing the ultimate digitalization strategy overnight? This is rather an exception at medium-sized enterprises. Since most enterprises do not have ONE digital concept at the beginning, they evaluate with individual measures, as a first instance, which benefits can derive from digitalization and what they can achieve with the approach of a Single Source of Truth for their own businesses. Subsequently, these measures are expanded step by step. This is why it takes quite a bit of stamina to fully exploit the potential of digitalization. There is a multi-tude of new technologies, but no one knows which of them are useful and which will prevail in the long run. Or maybe we do? DSC has always been supporting the concept of ONE System – SAP and we are happy to explain why face-to-face. Develop a digital concept together with our experts for coordinating your activities concerning digitaliza-tion and for planning realistic goals for the years to come.

Product Lifecycle Management | PLM

In order to face the constantly increasing requirements of product development, a refined PLM concept is necessary. Which benefits result from ONE System – SAP PLM with the seamless integration of Engineering into all subsequent processes?

Mechanical CAD Integration | MCAD

Mechanical CAD Integration | MCAD

SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR is the standard integration platform for authoring tools, such as MCAD systems. SAP ECTR seamlessly connects MCAD systems with SAP PLM. This way, CAD models and drawings can be managed centrally and provided consistently – across all departments and locations.

Multi-CAD Integration

Multi-CAD Integration

With SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR, the standard integration platform for leading authoring tools, enterprises have the possibility to use different MCAD systems in parallel.

Electronic and electric CAD integration | ECAD

Electronic and Electric CAD Integration | ECAD

Products are becoming increasingly complex. Mechanics becomes less important. The proportion of electrics, electronics, and software is increasing. The integration: A challenging task for Product Lifecycle Management? Not for SAP ECTR!

Document Management SAP ECTR

Document Management

Which product manufacturer does not know the challenge of a multitude of documents in different versions and change statuses that need to be managed in a feasible and efficient manner? How can this challenge be faced? With the integrated document management solution for SAP systems and SAP ECTR!