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The future is now: Cloud-based master data management in engineering

D&TS GmbH and DSC Software AG present their joint solution

The future is now: Cloud-based master data management in engineering

Karlsruhe, April 25, 2024 - Low master data quality often gets in the way of companies’ digitalization initiatives. The joint webcast on April 9, 2024, focused on how D&TS and DSC support engineering departments in optimizing master data processes and bringing data quality to the next level.

Paulo Ferreira, Managing Director of D&TS GmbH
Benjamin Zorn, Senior Consultant Customer & Partner at DSC Software AG

Everyone wants to move their data to the cloud – but how?

Whether it’s about IoT, AI, or Big Data – clean master data is always crucial. Having established high data quality, also compliance and a high level of efficiency are guaranteed. But how can you enrich material master data and make it available for all departments?


D&TS and DSC offer a joint solution based on a hybrid approach

The first essential element of this joint solution is SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR by DSC. SAP ECTR is an intuitive integration platform that can be used to connect all kinds of authoring systems such as MS Office, MCAD, or ECAD. SAP ECTR integrates engineering data in SAP and links it to business data. Based on this, engineering processes are supported optimally and downstream processes are directly integrated into SAP. Specifically tailored to the needs of engineers, the appealing GUI offers a great overview.

The second element of the joint solution is the ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud by D&TS for data provision and data usage. It is directly integrated into the user interface of SAP ECTR. The solution already includes parts that are classified according to ECLASS (Knowledge Database) as well as a ticket system for creating non-existing parts and components.

This means that users can access data from the cloud directly when using SAP ECTR. With just one click, they can create a material master that is classified according to ECLASS. The cloud-supported material creation occurs automatically, without any manual and therefore error-prone processes.

The two speakers showed a demo video illustrating three concrete use cases for the joint solution in the system. The demo video highlighted the users’ three possibilities: existing part, discontinued part, or non-existing part.

In conclusion, Paulo Ferreira explained how AI can be used as well for a text-based analysis of data sheets, extracting parameters, and assigning them to the corresponding ECLASS classification.


Innovation only results from a clean data source

Convincing benefits regarding data creation and data maintenance

  • Continuously high and increasing data quality
  • Comprehensive monitoring to avoid duplicates
  • Established automated processes and workflows

Start a new era of master data management in your company now!

Do you want to redefine data acquisition, data maintenance, and data quality?