Shop Floor Integration

Transparent manufacturing processes

Factories only really become smart once the flow of information has been digitalized. As part of the industry 4.0 concept, the smart factory is characterized by interlinking all of the components involved.

Shop floor integration plays a decisive role in this process.

Shop floor challenges

  • Lack of end-to-end business processes
  • Distributed systems with numerous system breaks
  • Selective collection of information on time, without it being transferred into a higher-level system
  • No real-time synchronization of data between systems

This is where Factory Control Center | FCTR comes into its own, with its smart solutions for shop floor integration in the SAP system.

Shop Floor Integration

Your advantages at a glance

Entire shop floor management in the SAP system
Efficient planning and monitoring
Optimum use of resources
Continuous process improvement through transparency

Connecting machines to the SAP system

With FCTR, machine control systems become an integral part of the SAP-controlled production cycle.
The SAP system manages all the data necessary for working on the machine, and then sends it to the machine control as required.

Real-time visualization

FCTR provides a modern and intuitive Worker Information System | WIS.
WIS provides users in manufacturing with all of the information and functions that are necessary for completing the tasks associated with production orders.

SAP-integrated DNC

The central management of data with Factory Control Center | FCTR enables the secure and version-related storage of all CAD, CAM, and NC data in SAP. Using a dedicated DNC server also ensures that manufacturing has fast and secure access to the correct NC data.

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