Machine control as an integral part of the SAP-controlled production process

In the dynamic environment of the smart factory, the integration of machine data into the system landscape is becoming increasingly important.

By providing the option of directly connecting machine controls, Factory Control Center | FCTR offers many advantages:

  • Company-wide process security
  • Seamless data transfer in real time
  • Direct communication between the machine and the SAP system
  • Status and program usage queries throughout the whole factory
  • Overview of all machinery

Currently we support the connection of the following machine controls:

Machine connection

Bidirectional integration as a success factor

The SAP system manages all the data necessary for working on the machine. Subsequently, at the push of a button this data is sent to the machine control.

Bidirectional integration enables the provision of tool and NC data, and the read-out of tool service life and machine status.

Transferring the optimized data from the machine back to the SAP system preserves manufacturing knowledge, and continuously improves the processes.

Your advantages at a glance

Flexible machine connection to the SAP-controlled production process

Secure transfer of tool and NC data to the machine control

Automatic retransfer of optimized NC programs to the SAP system

Easy retrieval of the current tool stock from the machine

Fast real-time determination of tool service life and machine status

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