Management of all processes for CAD, CAM, and NC in one system

For production to be efficient, the flow of information is vital. And the correct NC program available at the right machine, at the right time, saves both time and costs.

The management of all processes for CAD, CAM, and NC in one system ensures process security and data consistency. Additionally, setup times and downtimes for machines can be optimized.

Improved flow of information on the shop floor

The central management with FCTR allows a secure and version-related storage of all CAD, CAM, and NC data in SAP.

FCTR provides a module that works as a DNC server and manages the communication with devices on the shop floor. This module ensures that CNC machines are quickly and securely provided with the latest NC data.

The FCTR module is deployed as a local server that is automatically updated from SAP. So, the access to valid manufacturing information is always ensured.

The retransfer of optimized manufacturing data to the SAP system can be automated. This way, the manufacturing data can be compared to the initial data for the recognition of discrepancies and optimizations. The manufacturing knowledge can thus be directly used for ensuring product quality.

Your advantages at a glance

Central management of NC and tool data in one system

Optimized flow of information between work planning and the shop floor

Reduction of setup times and downtimes of machines

Secure transfer of NC data and tool data to the shop floor

Centrally managed, local provision of data on a separate shop floor server for fast access

Retransfer of optimized NC programs from the shop floor to the SAP system

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