Data consistency for maximum planning reliability and traceability

Processing orders accurately and on-time requires efficient manufacturing planning. The key to this is to use one Single Source of Truth for the entire flow of information and materials. Our innovative and SAP-integrated solutions help you process your orders faster and with greater flexibility hence increasing your productivity.

Factory Control Center | FCTR allows the mapping of a product’s complete manufacturing process. FCTR enables all related steps to be organized in a clear and transparent way, including SAP routings and the corresponding routing operations. This allows all involved persons to see at a glance which production resources, e.g. NC data, fixtures, tools, measuring devices, and test equipment, are required for which operation, or which CAM programs are meant for which machine. The result: maximum reliability and traceability in the planning process.

Finally, all relevant information is handed over to the respective machine on the shop floor. With just a few clicks, the relevant data is available in the right place at the right time.

Your advantages at a glance

One system for the complete process chain

Including CAD, CAM, and NC

Entire tool management in SAP

Complete transparency of routings, operations, production tools, etc.

Safe handover of relevant information to the machines

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