Tool Lifecycle Management | TLM with FCTR

From milling cutters, to fixtures, or measuring devices – with Tool Lifecycle Management | TLM it is possible to manage and monitor the complete lifecycle of your tools and operating resources. Additionally, the TLM solution acts as a link between ERP, PLM, and MES by capturing and providing all relevant data. Hence, if required, this data can also be shared with other departments. This is ideal as everybody involved has access to one single system, where all data and processes come together.

Your advantages at a glance

All data and processes in ONE system – SAP

Overview of the complete lifecycle of tools and operating resources

Reliable planning and process optimization

Reduction of machine downtimes

Defined worklists for effective task planning on the shop floor

Management of all production resources in one system

Factory Control Center | FCTR enables the management of production resources, such as tools, fixtures, measuring devices and testing equipment fully integrated in SAP.

For all of the tools at the machines or in storage, FCTR provides information on tool stock and on the condition of the tools. This helps reduce the amount of devices in stock and in circulation. If necessary, orders can be adjusted to the respective manufacturing situation.

Complete overview of accurate delivery dates

Tool stock is fully documented and displayed in real time. This ensures that the necessary tools are provided quickly and efficiently to the respective machine.

Due to the integration of all storage systems, tool presetters, and machines, the SAP system manages the complete process. During stocking and withdrawal of tools, inventory data of parts is automatically managed and updated in the SAP system. Hence, the purchasing department always knows the current stock levels and can order more supplies if necessary. The system automatically saves the storage location and the current stock level, and books the parts in the background.

After tool measurement, the tool correction data is either written on a tool chip, or the data is saved in SAP and then handed over to the machine.

Tool and operating resource lifecycle

Direct interface for Hänel storage lift system with SAP

The up-to-dateness of stock information in the SAP system is an essential success factor for smooth manufacturing processes.

The direct SAP interface for Hänel lifts in Factory Control Center | FCTR comes with many advantages.

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