Integrative PLM in SAP

All data and processes in
ONE system – SAP

With Integrative PLM

Integrative PLM

Integrative PLM means interconnecting all information and all processes of a product throughout the entire product lifecycle.

DSC Software AG

Our contribution is to generate product-relevant information in SAP, link it, and make it available in follow-on processes – on premise and in the cloud.

DSC Software AG

SAP applications and technologies provide the ideal basis for dealing with this challenge. We enhance these with tailor-made best-practice solutions.

Product Lifecycle Management

SAP Product Lifecycle Management

Interconnection and integration are key factors of the realization of all projects concerning digitalization. These are factors that SAP PLM, being part of SAP ERP, has always provided as it unites data and processes in one business suite.

Product Lifecycle Management

Standard solutions for Integrative PLM

With our smart standard solutions and integrations, using SAP software is easier and more beneficial than ever. Based on standard solutions tailored to your individual requirements, we contribute to the maximal benefit of your SAP system.

Digital Transformation


Manage all product-relevant documents in SAP – easily and intuitively! Our solutions not only extend the scope of functions, but greatly simplify the handling for users by providing user interfaces that are perfectly suitable for their tasks.

All in ONE system – what are the benefits?

Single Source of Truth for all data and processes in SAP

Consolidation of data and business processes in one system


Single Source of Truth for all data and business processes


End-to-end processes


Company-wide efficiency


Low Total Cost of Ownership